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Crosslinking Coagent TAIC
Crosslinking Coagent TAIC

Product Description

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Common name: Crosslinking agent TAIC, Curing agent TAIC, Rubber additives TAIC, Bridging agents TAIC, Accelerating agent TAIC, Crosslinking coagent TAIC
Product name: FARIDA TAIC
Chemical name: Triallyl isocyanurate
Formula: C12H15N3O3
Molecular Weight: 249.27
CAS N0: 1025-15-6

Chemical structure:
Solubility: Insoluble in water, slightly dissolved in alkane, and completely dissolved in aromatic hydrocarbon, alcohol, acetone, hydrocarbon halides, eyclopentene hydrocarbon.
Toxicity: LD50=660mg/kg (laboratory tested).
Usage: As a kind of multifunctional alkene monomer with aromatic heterocycle, TAIC is widely used as the corss-linkingagent, modifier and assistant vulcanizer of thermoplastics, ionexchange resin and special rubber. It is also an intermediate (additive) of photocurable coating, photoresists and flame retardant.

Package and storage: Packed in metal drum. Net weight is 200kg or 25kg.
Stored and transported as safe goods. Avoid high temperatures.
Grade Refined Normal Powder
Appearance Clear liauid or crvstal Yellowish licquid (crystal) White powder
Hue( PT-Co) < 50 < 150 /
Active content ≥ 98.5 ≥ 95 TAIC: 70%; Si02: 30%
Acid val. (mgKOH/g) ≤ 0.2 ≤ 0.3 /
Melting point('C) 24-26 17-21 /
Viscositv ( 30'C) 83± 3 81± 5 /
Spec. GravitV 1.15-1.17 1.10-1.17 /
Moisture ( % ) < 0.1 < 0.1 < 0.1
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